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Product Specifications
Multi Function Health Detector
  •   Product name Multi Function Health Detector
  • Technical parameter 1. Integrate Set non-invasive detection technology, digital signal processing technology, artificial neural network technology, embedded technology;  
  •   2. Built-in 12-lead ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, pulse rate and other multi-physiological parameters;  
  •   3. Externally connect extended modules;  
  •   4. Intelligent operating system platform: Android 5.1, can expand a variety of data management capabilities;  
  •   5. Remote maintenance management: remote diagnosis, remote configuration, remote maintenance, remote monitoring, remote update;  
  •   6. Safe and reliable data:the data is encrypted and saved on the device to ensure data security,and it has the device accessing security authentication device user security authentication and application program security authentication;  
  •   7. Support offline acquisition and online upload: Save 20,000 of test data without a network; automatically upload the collected data to a back-end management system when network available;  
  •   8. Flat-panel design,compact and convenient to carry;  
  •   9. Low power consumption, up to 2 hours continuous operation without mains supply;  
  •   10. Simple operation, 14-inch large-screen color LCD display with capacitive touch.  
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